Beams for building industry

Warehouse expansion on the way

We are gearing up to cope with bigger volumes!

Our welded beam department is getting additional 1 400m2 of storage space in the nearest future.

We are expanding our warehouse by 1 400m2 to be able to take care of bigger projects and offer more flexible service to our customers.

Quality of our products is the most important aspect of our business and for that reason we have decided not to store our product any other way then in controlled environment inside our warehouse space. Our new warehouse will be attached to the side of our current warehouse and will allow us to produce larger amounts of welded beams. Our workflow in production process and flexibility in deliveries will increase by ramping our total space of our production facility up to around 7 300m2. We will be able to produce to our stock so that building on the site can be done flawlessly and deliveries can be done from our warehouse for larger volumes at a time.

Metest Group

Metest Group consists of 2 companies

  • Metest Metall OÜ was established year 2006. The company is focused on steel plate cutting and bending.
  • Metest Metall OÜ was founded in 2017 and is focused on further development of Metest Group. The company will be offering installation ready welded beams for building industry starting year 2019.

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